Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra producido artesanalmente en la Serra de Tramuntana



In Son Moragues we see our land and crops as a living system with which we work with understanding and respect. We reject the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers because we consider them the true plague of our times, and we practice organic agriculture in compliance with European Regulation (EC) Nº 834/2007.

This is how we produce our olive oil, our fruit and vegetables, and our homemade preserves: taking the best from our traditions and improving it, when possible, with the latest developments in organic agriculture. We collect our fruit and vegetables by hand, at the peak of ripeness and process them within a few hours, in the farm kitchens just a few metres from the gardens.

In this way, we reduce our carbon footprint to a minimum and we avoid using forced ripening techniques guaranteeing the tastiest and most nutritious jams.


The southeast orientation and the restoration work done over the last decade make our lands some of the most fertile in the whole of the Serra de Tramuntana.
Founded by the Moragues family in the fourteenth century and home to characters such as the Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria, Son Moragues has been one of the epicentres of Valldemossa’s agriculture for hundreds of years. After a period of decadence in the 20th century due to the dramatic social and economic transformation of the island of Mallorca, thanks to the hard work we have done, we can proudly say that today, once again, Son Moragues is a thriving agricultural estate which produces not only our famous olive oil, but also a range of home-made Mediterranean jams, a large amount of fresh fruit and vegetable and our prized Mallocan olives.